Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ct Stonogram Kidney Stones Can Eggshells, Dissolved With Lemon Juice, Really Break Up Kidney Stones?

Can eggshells, dissolved with lemon juice, really break up kidney stones? - ct stonogram kidney stones

I solved sooner than the miracles of the rind of the lemon juice is effective in reducing reading of kidney stones. I have an 8 mm x 6 mm. I hesitated to try it, but I hope someone can check if it actually an effective combination.

I am so desperate for answers. I tried vinegar, apple juice, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil Raddish juice, tablets acalka, Sambong (local herbs) in capsules, the bed CERAGEM message and some others. After almost 2 months, there was my last CT Stonogram the stone has not changed size, but has been moved to my left ureter. How can it be broken?

In passing, it is perhaps better that I share what I read:
1 dozen eggs
3 cups fresh lemon juice

Shell egg washing, careful not to break them. Put the eggs into the bowl in a large bowl. Lemon juice. Remove the juice through the sieve and pour the pulp. Add the fresh lemon juice (concentrate) not (not) on egg-shell eggs. Cover with j uice, eggs and refrigerate ABafter 2-3 days.

What happens, lemon juice to break the shell in a liquid egg white. What remains is 12 whole eggs in a protective membrane. Carefully remove and discard the yolks and whole eggs with everything. Everything you want is to keep the lemon mixture and the liquid shell.

Take this mixture daily break for at least 1 week (1 tablespoon 3 times per day for men - 1 teaspoon 2 times per day for dogs and cats) - Bricks and excreted in the urine.
What are you guys?

Thank you for your generous attention.

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